on AWS on AWS is fully managed ETL service for creating automated data pipelines. provisions a new cluster each time you run a job and the cluster will be removed after job completion. That provides secure and isolated environment for your pipelines to run in cloud.

Its completely free to get started and no credit card information required during sign up. Try it here.

There are many benefits of using on AWS. Blow sections provide an overview of these benefits and links to additional information:

Easy to get Started

No installation or pre-configured infrastructure required to try on AWS. You can get started with valid email address. Try it here.

Serverless & Cost-effective

Continuously running large cluster costs add up overtime. creates a new short lived cluster on demand and auto terminates as soon as the job is complete. That significantly reduces operating cost. You pay only for job run duration in down to the second accuracy.

Scalable on AWS runs on distributed cloud environment. You can increase or decrease resources required for each ETL on demand.