Designer - Tutorials

After register, you will find built-in sample jobs under Jobs. These jobs will help you understand how job designer works and demonstrate comment use case. Feel free to explorer, update these sample jobs and run them. After you are done, you can either delete them or keep them.

Create a job and run it

  1. Click designer in the navigation bar

  2. In the name field, enter a job name

  3. (Optional) Expand extra job settings to provide a description of your job

  4. In the toolbar, use the filter to find the ‘File Reader’ activity

  5. Drag the ‘File Reader’ activity to Job Designer Area

  6. Click the gear icon to edit activity details

  7. In the file reader title field, enter ‘read my worksheet’

  8. In the path field, enter the file path for your file (for example, you can enter your file from your s3 bucket)

  9. In the format dropdown, choose a file format

  10. In the as field, enter a table name for the data to be loaded from your file

  11. Click OK

  12. On the designer, click Save

  13. Click Run Now to run the job

Set up auto run

  1. From jobs screen, create a new job or open an existing job

  2. Click Enable Auto Run

  3. In the Auto Run Schedule dialog, select a schedule and time zone

  4. Click OK

  5. On the designer, click Save

Upon save, the run will be automatically triggered by the specified schedule.